Character name is Fungus

Fungus is antropomorphic happy chuck.

Biography Edit


Emotional, unfocused and overzealous, Fungus is a happy-go-lucky type of guy. To Fungus, kung fu is KUNG-FUN! Fungus secretly wants to be as awesome as his older brother, Dilweed who he looks up to. Fungus is very emotional and is prone to clumsiness and fears balloons, especially the static-y variety.

In the season 2 premiere Age of Ignorance his full name is revealed to be Fungus Chuck. the friends of Fungus are Dilweed Quills Woodchuck Morris Grandma Butternut Hooves Toastina Flies Mr. Mayor Buddy Ding-a-ling Springs and Buford G. Butternut his enemies are Buford G. Butternut Hammer Fist Man Dr. Sinister his other names are Fungusio (Hunk O Chuck) and the Sock (Sock & Awe) position Villain (not true Hero) Age 12 Status Bad (not true again Hero)

Behind the scenes Edit

his voice actors is Lou Attia (Season 1) and Cory Doran (Season 2).