Character name is Dilweed

Dilweed is antropomorphic chuck that loves kung-fu.

Biography Edit


Overconfident, focused and stubborn yellow woodchuck, Dilweed is the oldest of the Chucks by 15 seconds. As the elder brother of the duo, Dilweed takes himself, and everything they do, a bit more seriously than Fungus.To him, kung fu is a deadly serious matter....

In the season 2 premier Age of Ignorance his full name is revealed to be Dilweed Chuck. Position Villian (not true Hero) age 12 Status Bad (not true again Good)

Behind the scenes Edit

Dilweed's friends are Fungus (his bro) Quills Grandma Butternut WoodChuck Morris Hooves Ding-a-ling Springs Mr.Mayor and Buford G. Butternut and his enemies are hammerfist man Buford G. Butternut Buddy Toastina aliens Dr. Sinister The Eliminator (Sock & Awe) and the voice of dilweed is Terry Mcgurrin